Compare the 2018 Ford Explorer to the 2018 Jeep Cherokee in Springfield

When you're in the market for a new SUV for life in Springfield, there are many options and that can be overwhelming at times. We're here to take the confusion and frustration out of your SUV shopping experience. If you're looking at the Jeep Cherokee for your next SUV in Chester, we encourage you to take a look at the Ford Explorer instead. Take a look at the features outlined below to notice why the Ford Explorer beats the Cherokee.

Performance and Capability

  • The Explorer offers a hearty twin-turbo V6 engine option, leaving the Cherokee engines feeling underpowered.
  • The Cherokee also gets comparable fuel-economy ratings to the Explorer, even with smaller engine options. You'll be able to get more powerful engine, for the same miles per gallon estimate.
  • The Jeep Cherokee might be better for off-roading adventures, but the Explorer is a well-rounded SUV offering seamless transitions between rough roads to city streets with ease.
  • They do both offer the same towing capacity at a maximum of 2,000-pounds when properly equipped.