Safe, Smooth, and Fun Driving in the 2017 Ford Escape

The compact crossover segment has more and more competition every year, it seems, but the 2017 Ford Escape continues to be our favorite and we're sure you'll agree! The experts at Autotrader certainly love it and have a lot of great things to report. Three trim levels give you lots of options, three available engines give you a variety of power options, a refreshed front end offers a more upscale appearance, the spacious cabin has lot of room for passengers and cargo alike, and so much more. See it below to learn what else it has to bring to your driving life:



If you'd like to explore what else the 2017 Escape has to offer, or there's another new Ford model begging your attention, come out to see us here at our Springfield, PA dealership. With our professionals guiding you every step of the way, you'll get the experience and confidence you need to make the right driving decision.


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