Boost Your Day with a Fiesta

Shopping for the right vehicle in our new Ford model inventory is easy and difficult at the same time, because while we have a lot of options to choose, sometimes that’s part of the problem. We want you to know that taking a test drive or two is a great way to check if that vehicle is the right match for you. The Ford Fiesta could easily be one of the models that you test drive, because it can be a hatchback or a sedan, offering you the chance to decide between four and five doors while enjoying the latest features.

One exciting thing about the Fiesta is that it will be getting an upgrade to the 2018 Fiesta ST that includes a 1.5-liter engine with three cylinders and three doors instead of four or five. The Fiesta ST will still feature 197 horsepower and will be affordable, generous on fuel economy, and packed with the latest tech. While you wait for the new model to arrive on our lot, take a test drive of the current model year, or check out some of our other cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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