We Have Leases on New Ford Cars, Trucks, and SUVs That Suit Many Drivers Around Philadelphia

What exactly does leasing a new Ford model from us entail? That is a question that we receive from many of the car shoppers that walk through our doors, and it's a good question! Leasing a vehicle means you only pay a portion of its total price over the lease agreement, which can vary in the number of months you lease it, but you don't own the model at the end of the lease.

This makes it an excellent option for a variety of drivers near Philadelphia, and those interested will find that we have Ford F-150 leases, Ford Explorer leases, and so many more! Read on to see if leasing is the right choice for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Ford Lease?

Because you're only paying for a model during the time you use it, your monthly lease payments are much lower than your auto payments would be if you bought it. Improving the value of a new Ford lease further is that these models come with Ford-backed warranties that cover normal-use repairs for the length of the agreement.

Additionally, while you don't own the leased vehicle at the end, you'll always have an option to buy it for a previously agreed upon price. If the leased Ford is the car or truck of your dreams, you can continue driving it, or you can always turn it in and get a brand-new model!

Call or Visit Us Today to Learn More About Our Ford Leasing Options!

Leasing a car, SUV, or truck is a great choice for many drivers, but we understand if there is some misunderstanding or you have some questions. The best place to come if this is the case is our dealership, so we hope to see you soon!

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