Bring Your Vehicle to Our Certified Ford Body Shop Near Philadelphia

When you're in a car accident, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't getting your car repaired, but it's an important step after you've made sure that everyone involved is safe. Well, if your accident happened around Philadelphia, the on-site body shop at our dealership is where you should have your car towed. There are a few reasons for that, which we've outlined below, so whether you're crafting an accident response plan or need collision repair now, read on!

What Makes Our Body Shop in Springfield, PA Special?

The collision repair industry is quite large, which makes sense with the over 7 million accidents that happen yearly. With such a large industry, there are several consumer protection groups to help those choosing between body shops, and we have their backing. We're an I-CAR certified shop with steel welding and aluminum repair certs, which is rare among those in the area. VeriFacts, another company, also looks over our repair process and procedures to ensure we're doing everything in the best way.

These certifications also cover all technicians working on collision repairs for any vehicle that enters our shop. This shows that whoever is in charge of any repairs to your car has the training and know how to make sure the job is done right, and our streamlined business practices ensure fewer hassles getting your car back quickly.

Stop In At Our Collision Repair Center to See How We Can Help You!

A visit to our Ford body shop will show you all you need to know to feel confident in our ability to get your car fixed up and back to you in a speedy yet thorough manner. If you were already in an accident and wanted to see what it's going to cost, the technicians that do our free estimates are experts at giving you a ballpark for it. Plus, we accept appraisals from any insurance company and work with them to handle your claim!

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