How Does the Ford F-150 Handle in the Snow and Ice?

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Dealing with cold and snowy weather is just part of life in Eastern Pennsylvania, but it's harder to deal with when you don’t have a car or truck prepared for the harsh winter. We have lots of tremendous Ford models that have all you need to conquer cold-weather commutes, but, seeing as the Ford F-150 truck receives the most interest from visitors to our Springfield dealership, we decided to discuss what it has to help you when snow falls and ice forms. Learn why the F-150 is the pickup to turn to for stress-free drives during winter months when you read on!

How Well Does the Ford F-150 Deal with Winter Driving?

Not having traction is the biggest problem that snowy, icy weather brings, and, especially in trucks with little weight in the back, it can lead to fishtailing or spinning out when trying to accelerate. You can combat this by throwing some sandbags into the bed of your truck, or you can just go with a four-wheel drive Ford F-150, which will send power to all the wheels so that you aren't just relying on two of them.

Truck shoppers will have a variety of engines to choose with the Ford F-150, but they all have the necessary horsepower and torque to keep you from feeling helpless and help with plowing snow. This truck also has a Terrain Management System with unique modes for slippery and deep snow conditions. Plus, drivers and passengers will find that heating for the seats, steering wheel, and exterior mirrors keeps away cold from the cabin and ice from the mirrors!

Find Out All About the Ford Trucks We Have Near Philadelphia!

Knowing that you have a truck ready for the trials that winter driving brings delivers peace of mind to make you feel more relaxed when behind the wheel. We know there are many models on the market today, but we also know that tons of drivers find the Ford F-150 comes best-equipped to handle all they'll ask of their truck, so come and see it for yourself!

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