Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid Maintenance Schedule

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Maximizing the amount of time that your Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid runs smoothly means keeping up with routine maintenance at our Springfield Ford service center near Glenolden and Broomall. Luckily, it's as easy as ever to schedule routine maintenance checks with us.

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Springfield Ford's Escape Titanium Hybrid Maintenance Schedule

While consulting your owner's manual is a speedy way of knowing when to pay us a visit, we're happy to provide a streamlined Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid maintenance schedule for our customers. Note that this model's high voltage battery is designed to endure for the entirety of your vehicle's lifespan and does not require maintenance. 

Oil Change Maintenance

Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid models come with the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor System. This appears as a message in your information display at every programmed oil change interval. As soon as the oil change message appears in the information display, bring your Ford Hybrid in for service. 

When you head to our Springfield Ford service center the following services should also be performed:

  • Interior and exterior light check
  • Tire wear and tire pressure check
  • Windshield washer fluid level check

Monthly Service Checks

  • The engine oil level.
  • Function of all interior and exterior lights.
  • The tires, including the spare for wear and proper pressure.
  • The windshield washer fluid level.

Biannual Service Checks

For basic optimal vehicular performance, the following Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid checks and cleanings should be scheduled every six months:

  • The battery connections. Clean if necessary.
  • The body and door drain holes for obstructions. Clean if necessary.
  • The cooling system fluid level and the coolant system strength.
  • The door weatherstrips for wear. Lubricate if necessary.
  • The hinges, latches and outside locks for proper operation. Lubricate if necessary.
  • The parking brake for proper operation.
  • The seatbelts and seat latches for wear and function.
  • Safety warning lamps, brake, ABS, airbag and seatbelt for operation.
  • The washer spray and wiper operation. Clean or replace blades as necessary

Schedule Ford Escape Hybrid Maintenance Service in Springfield

If you're ready to schedule your Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid service appointment and tune up your vehicle with our certified, professional mechanics, we're thrilled to see you. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us online or visit us in person at our conveniently located Springfield Ford dealership near Philadelphia. 

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