Get the Affordable Lease on a New Ford Model from Our Dealership Near Philadelphia

When you've started the search for your next car, you'll probably want to check out all that a brand-new vehicle offers. These new cars, especially those at our Ford dealership near Chester, treat their drivers to the latest tech and systems that the automotive world has to offer, which ensures the best possible experience when behind the wheel. Well, the cost of a new car, truck, or SUV is often what stops drivers from buying one, but there is a way to get into a new Ford model without outrageous monthly payments: leasing.

We have lease plans for our new vehicles that will help those Havertown drivers get the newest gear that they are looking for without the cost, and there are many benefits to doing so. We've outlined below the main perks of leasing and the types of drivers that find it's a fit for them, so look through that info before deciding how you're going to pay for your next vehicle!

What Are the Main Benefits of Leasing Your Next Car?

To start, the difference between leasing and buying your next car outright is that leasing is akin to borrowing a car from us and paying off its depreciation. As you're not paying for the full cost of the car, you'll have lower monthly payments over your lease agreement. This affordability makes leasing a tremendous option for Upper Darby drivers that may not have the income for the higher monthly payments that come with getting a loan or may not be ready to fully commit to a new car.

What happens when your lease is up? Well, you can return the car to us and start a new lease plan if there's a new Ford offer or feature you really want, or you can buy the vehicle if you enjoyed your time leasing it! Some of the other advantages of leasing include:

  • As new vehicles, our lease offers often include warranty coverage throughout your time driving them.
  • You can easily switch to a new model after the agreement without the hassle of selling your car.
  • You won't have to put as much money down and in some cases won't have to put any down to start your car lease.

What Are Some of the Restrictions of Leasing a Vehicle?

Of course, leasing does have some drawbacks for drivers to consider. You're not the actual owner of the vehicle, so you're not allowed to make changes or modifications like tinting windows on the car. A vehicle lease comes with mileage limits that may not work for those on the road often, and if you're not one to keep good care of your car, you may have wear and tear fees when turning it in. Many lessees can work around these limits, so if you think you can, leasing may be the best auto finance plan for you!

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Car shoppers will find that they can set up a lease plan with any of the new Ford sedans, trucks, and SUVs we have to offer. Many businesses find that leasing a new F-150 helps their image while providing them with one of the most capable trucks available, and families find that leasing a Ford Explorer helps if they have other costs to consider. In short, you'll have plenty of options available to you when you choose to shop with us!

We hope this covers all the steps of leasing, but we understand if you still have some questions about the process. We want to ensure that our customers have all the info they need to make the best decision for them, so if you want an in-person rundown of leasing and to talk with our finance experts, all you have to do is stop by our dealership that's right off of the Baltimore Pike!