At Springfield Ford, every time you get regular service with us, you are covered under our DriveSure program for the next 150 days or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.  This includes up to $150 of additional benefits!  Three main things are included with DriveSure:

Premium Roadside Assistance

DriveSure Roadside Assistance provides sign-and-drive roadside assistance throughout the United States and Canada 24/7/365. This benefit can be used up to two times per recommended maintenance interval. Simply call the toll-free number on the maintenance reminder sticker located on the vehicle windshield to receive these services:  Towing, lock-out service, tire change, winch-out service, jump start, fuel delivery.

Emergency Rental Car

Provides emergency car coverage in the event of a mechanical breakdown that requires a tow. To qualify, vehicle must be towed back to the dealership by the DriveSure Roadside Assistance Network. Benefit can be used one time per recommended maintenance interval.

Road Hazard Tire Protection

DriveSure Road Hazard Tire Protection provides tire protection in the event a tire is punctured by a road hazard on a public road. Simply return to the dealership to have road hazard damaged tires repaired or replaced.

All new vehicle purchases include a 150-day / 5,000 mile term of DriveSure protection. To sign up your existing vehicle, simply bring it in for service!  Make sure to ask your service advisor for terms, conditions, and limitations of the program.

Service Hours

  • Monday 7am-6pm
  • Tuesday 7am-6pm
  • Wednesday 7am-6pm
  • Thursday 7am-6pm
  • Friday 7am-6pm
  • Saturday 7am-4pm
  • Sunday 9am-3pm