Why Buy a Used Car?

When you shop for a used car with Springfield Ford, your prospects of finding a new-to-you car that will satisfy-even excite-can only grow. That's because our Philadelphia area new and used car dealership is run by a team of sales, service, and financing professionals who have pledged to go above and beyond to find you a long-term solution to your automotive needs. With that kind of attention awaiting you, it might make common questions like "why buy used?" easier to answer!

Many online resources recommend a name-brand dealership because of the higher bar set for long-term quality and reliability. For example, only a retailer that sells new cars are allowed to sell certified pre-owned Ford models-which must meet stringent guidelines for age, mileage, condition, and wear before being offered for sale. Learn more about the Ford Blue Advantage program, which offers two levels of used car certifications: Gold and Blue. Both of which are sure to offer peace of mind not found from a private sale or any old used car lot.

But having the confidence that your used car dealer will adhere to OEM guidelines is only one reason to shop for one. A name-brand dealer such as Springfield Ford also offers warranty coverage on their pre-owned vehicle selections that simply aren't offered from a third-party outlet. Nor will you find the same kind of accommodations for a loan, or even available used car specials.

We believe that you shouldn't need to compromise on your budget, standards, or confidence when you shop for any car, let alone a used one. The easiest way to avoid those sacrifices is to choose a retailer that take their importance into account. After all, confidence can't be bought. But when inspired by a quality used car, truck, or SUV that speaks to your heart, that satisfaction is yours for the thousands of odometer miles ahead.

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Our Used Cars For Sale Go Above and Beyond

Our Philadelphia, Chester, Upper Darby, Broomall, and Glenolden area drivers can count on us to deliver on our Above and Beyond Pledge, and that doesn't just extend to our new car selections. After all, going the extra mile means taking into account the unique needs of a variety of different customers. This includes those looking for a used car, too. It all starts with letting us know what you need.

All of our pre-owned vehicles - from the used Ford models fresh off their leases to our used car deals --have one thing in common: they have been held up to Springfield Ford's high standard of quality and promise of long-term reliability. Our certified technicians have inspected every mechanical component and amenity, and combed through maintenance records to make sure they're up to date, and there are no surprises awaiting its new owner. We even keep our inventory's history reports available by request, so you can shop with conviction.

Our used car financing experts are also here to help by saving you time, money, and headache by leaving the most stressful parts of the process at the door. By working out the details of your credit application up front, you can focus on test driving your short list while our professionals get to work on tailoring an agreement that will suite you in the long run.

But for the miles ahead, you can count on us, too. The same Ford mechanics who checked your car against our standards are also here to make your service needs a breeze! Keeping your brakes maintained, oil and filter changed, and tires rotated are necessary to ensure a long, prosperous ownership experience, and our technicians have the experience and tools to get the job done quickly. You can even schedule your service appointment online!

An attentive and transparent experience awaits at our used car dealership serving Philadelphia,PA, and we're always looking to go the extra mile for our customers! If you have any questions, reach out by phone or live chat. We look forward to having you at our Springfield, PA used car lot for your test drive!